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Scrap Metal & Used Auto Parts in Nekoosa

Does your property have piles of junk metal and used car parts just piling up, making it look unattractive and cluttered? Nekoosa Auto Iron & Metal is here to help! We'll buy anything metal that you have no use for. Let your trash become your treasure - convert those unsightly eyesores into actual dollars! We offer the best scrap metal prices in the entire Nekoosa area. Clear out your home or business, make room for new things, and make a little bit of money!

Large service area

We are Nekoosa's premier scrap metal business and our large service area is an attestment to our impeccable reputation. Not only do we serve Nekoosa, but we also serve Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield, and Stevens Point. Our business is open Monday through Saturday with long hours for your convenience. When you find the perfect used auto part for your vehicle, you can pay us in either cash or check. Visit us today to browse our vast selection.
Scrap metal being lifted for recycling in Nekoosa, WI

Honest prices

Most scrap metal businesses will try and lowball their buying prices so they can maximize their profits, leaving you with barely any cash when you walk away. Here at Nekoosa Auto Iron & Metal, we offer highly competitive prices that will make it worth your time to collect all your scrap metal or auto parts and bring it to us for some easy cash. You'll never be taken advantage of, as we're an honest business that has upheld a fantastic reputation for years!

Environment tremendously

By recycling auto part and scrap metal, our business helps the environment tremendously. Previously worn-out parts are given new life when they are picked up by you and given a new home. You can join in and help out the environment as well when you bring in your auto part and scrap metal to us - you get paid and let us do the rest! By cutting down on the need for newly fabricated metal, there is less wear on the earth and we help our future generations.
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