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Used car batteries in Nekoosa

The earth has many precious resources and here at Nekoosa Auto Iron & Metal, our goal is to help conserve those resources by recycling scrap metal. By reusing what's already fabricated, we reduce the need to extract more metal from our planet. This also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy since virgin ores are not needed. Mining virgin ores has many environmental consequences, such as poisonous runoff and groundwater pollution.

Help US trade balances

Not only does recycling scrap metal help the environment, but it also helps the industry. Scrap metal recycling generates a significant amount of money and also provides many local jobs for hardworking Americans. The United States also exports a large amount of scrap commodities, generating an impressive sum of money to US trade balances.
Used car batteries removed from the automobile in Nekoosa, WI

Tips for recycling

Don't make multiple trips if you have different commodities. Instead, just load your heaviest metals on the bottom and your baling material on top. For your non-ferrous materials, keep them in buckets or bins instead of bags. When you visit us, our friendly staff members will teach you how to separate and grade your materials.

Create more space

Clearing junk metal out of your property helps create more usable space. By taking it to us, you avoid filling up landfills with metal that could be reused and repurposed. This aids in reducing eyesores in communities, which can happen when neighborhood landfills are overwhelmed with pieces of junk metal.
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